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Phone: 1-888-753-8681


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What We Do


The CFSGE Foundation, in partnership with our generous community, raises funds and resources to support programs that enhance the safety, well-being, equity, inclusion, and confidence of children, youth, and families served by Child and Family Services of Grand Erie. We prioritize supporting initiatives aligned with CFSGE’s strategic goals but extend beyond the funding provided by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services.

Communities Served
Brantford | Brant | Haldimand | Norfolk | Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

Initiatives Supported by CFSGE Foundation:

Our work is designed to enable families to stay together.

Unrestricted donations are greatly needed to allow us to fund the areas of greatest need that will enable more families to thrive.

We understand that your philanthropic intentions may want to focus on areas of interest, so we have broken down our areas of funding accordingly.

Equity and Inclusion: Focused on Indigenous Peoples, marginalized communities, and all equity-deserving children, youth, and families, with the goal of creating communities of support and hope.
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Indigenous Activity Baskets: Providing funds for specific products needed by caregivers to ensure that the sacred medicines and other items of daily life are available in the homes where Indigenous children stay.

Indigenous Fund: Used to organize and host a range of culturally significant events that play a vital role in strengthening community bonds, encouraging cultural teachings, and learning, and fostering a sense of belonging that ensure that Indigenous children and youth have access to culturally enriching experiences that strengthen their sense of identity and community.

Black Hair and Skin Kits: Ensuring black children and youth have the right products to care for their hair and skin care needs.

Hygiene and Household Cupboards: Helping our community service providers stock community cupboards in equity-deserving communities with everyday products needed by families.

Menstrual Hygiene Kits: Providing the necessary sanitary, hygiene and personal care items for those in need.

Compassion Kits: A knapsack of overnight comfort items to help kids transition homes with dignity.

Independent Living Starter Kit: A collection of cookware, cutlery, dishes, bedding, cleaning supplies and basic toiletries to help youth transition to independent living.

Community Collaboration: Recognizing the importance of a diverse community in ensuring the safety and well-being of children and youth and emphasizing the need for collaboration and partnerships.
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Community Engagement: Community-based interactive activities designed to enhance understanding of children’s needs during their early years of development, emphasizing the promotion of child-parent connections as a means of child abuse prevention and working with families to recognize their competence and capacity as the child(ren)’s first and most important teacher.

Community Strengthening Initiatives such as Neighbourhood BBQs and Summer Carnivals exemplify our commitment to building stronger community bonds and are funded in part by the Foundation.

Newborn Support: The Foundation provides funding for Welcome Baby Baskets, containing vital items such as baby essentials, child-safety products, clothing, blankets, safe sleep guidance, infant feeding supplies, personal care items, and more.

Child-Centered Service: Prioritizing the least intrusive and child-centered service planning and delivery to ensure that services and interventions are tailored to the specific needs and best interests of each child and youth.
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Summer Camp: Funding the camp experience for hundreds of community kids each year according to their interests and specified needs.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Helping kids get involved in their communities, towards their interests.

Life Skills Education: Ensuring youth have the tools they need as they enter independence and the workforce.

Birthday Celebrations: Ensuring no child has their special day go by without being celebrated.

Annual Day Trip: Outings our Foster Families and/or Youth Living Independently take together as a means of community building.

Holiday Meals: A gathering of youth involved with CFSGE to celebrate.

Bikes For Kids: Helping children experience one of the quintessential joys of childhood.

Participation and Engagement: Involving children, youth, and families in decisions that affect them and respecting their voices and perspectives in the planning and delivery of services.
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Complex Needs Support: Helping families afford the specialized medical needs for their children.

Counselling Connections: Ensuring finances are not a barrier for kids to get the professional help they need to build resilience.

Educational Bursaries: Assistance with the cost of tuition, books and living allowance for youth in care to continue their education—through trade school, apprenticeship opportunities, college, university, or other recognized programs of study that enhance opportunities for meaningful employment and prepare students for a bright and successful future.

T. Dixon Moor Award: An annual award that is given to a past Crown Ward who has attained personal and vocational excellence.

Poverty Diversion and Prevention Programs: Prioritizing initiatives and strategies aimed at diverting families from poverty and addressing socioeconomic factors that impact the safety and well-being of children and youth.
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Fill-A-Bag: Supporting families in need with personal care, laundry, hygiene, and household cleaners.

Back-To-School: Ensuring kids return to school with the essentials needed to start the year with dignity.

Season of Sharing: Ensuring children and youth receive holiday gifts and warm tidings each winter.

Community Meals: Weekly food hampers distributed in identified neighbourhoods to support families in need.

Arthur Binkley Award: An annual award that is presented to a community group or individual who has provided tremendous time, money and/or effort in support of CFSGE and CFSGE Foundation programs and services.