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Child and Family Services of Grand Erie Foundation

A committee of the Board of Directors of The Children’s Aid Society of Brant, composed of Mr. Harold Orr, A.E. Plant, H.S. Tapsco, Mrs. John Noble, Mrs. F.A. Ballachey and Mrs. Stanley (Helen) Forbes was asked by the President, Mr. Gordon Campbell to discuss matters pertaining to the Family Allowance Act. The Children’s Aid Society of Brant had received their first family allowance cheque in the amount of $1,357.00 and it was necessary to decide how the allowance should be handled in order for children to receive the greatest benefit. At that time, the Endowment Fund was established as a Board Committee and this money was used for items that were not provided for by the per diem rate. Future meetings authorized the purchase of small wagons, bicycles, summer camp holidays for children in care, as well as long term planning for college educations.

The T. Dixon Moor Award was created in recognition of T. Dixon Moor’s significant contributions to the Society and the Foundation. T. Dixon Moor was hired in 1962 as an Agency staff member, retiring in 1977. He worked 15 years as a social worker serving the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve and the Mississaugas of the New Credit Reserve. He served ten years on the Board of Directors. He was known as the “peacemaker” and the “calm voice of reason”. This award honours a former Ward, over the age of 21, who has attained a significant level of personal improvement, including educational and vocational achievement. This award is both recognition of and inspiration to all Crown Wards. Honourees are presented with a $1000 cheque at the Society’s Annual Meeting and their name is placed on a brass banner housed in the reception area of The Arthur Binkley Family Resource Centre, 14 Henry Street, Brantford, ON.

The Board of Directors of the Brant FACS Foundation approved the establishment of the Gordon Glaves Memorial Foster Parent Training Bursary in honour of Gordon Glaves who passed away on November 13, 1991. Gordon and his wife Jane served the children of Brantford and Brant County will love, dedication and care as foster parents for 28 years. This bursary values the role of foster parents and encourages them to receive training to enhance their expertise and understanding. The award, in the amount of $1,000, is presented annually at the Society’s Annual Meeting to the Brant Foster Parents Association to be used for educational purposes.

An application for the Articles of Incorporation of The Children’s Aid Society of Brant Endowment Fund was submitted. The first directors of the new entity were: Richard Carpenter, Cathy Cleaves, Mabel Dougherty, Chris Eivers, Kenneth Harris, Randy Wilson, Arthur L. Binkley and Stan J. Worosz. The Charitable Registration Number is: # 88448 7026 RR0001.

The Children’s Aid Society of Brant Board Room at 80 Chatham Street was named in honour of Arthur Binkley.

The Children’s Aid Society of Brant Endowment Fund approved the establishment of “The Arthur Binkley Memorial Award”. Arthur came to the Society in 1949 as a volunteer on the CAS Brant Board of Directors. He was elected Treasurer at the May 5th, 1949 Annual Meeting, became Vice-President in 1950, and then President in 1951. For over 55 years, he was instrumental in various areas including the Endowment Fund Committee, monetary contributions to children in care and the work of the Society, establishing a pension fund for staff, and an office in Ohsweken. During those years, Arthur assisted any of his legal clients who wished to bequeath funds to help the Society’s children in Brantford and Brant County. Those funds, invested and watched over by the Endowment Fund, grew to assist in the building of the additional space at 66-70 Chatham, the Family Resource Centre and the purchase of 80 Chatham and 109-111 George Street. Estate bequests would come to the Society from people who had no personal involvement other than Arthur Binkley being their legal counsel. When they stated their wishes of leaving their money to help children – he would tell them of the Society’s work and assist them in their request.

The name and logo for the Society was changed to reflect the diverse services and supports offered to community families. The Children’s Aid Society of Brant Endowment Fund Incorporation also changed its name and became Brant Family and Children’s Services Foundation.

The Foundation’s charitable agency ‘Brant Family and Children’s Services’ amalgamated with The Children’s Aid Society of Haldimand and Norfolk on April 1, 2022 to become Child and Family Services of Grand Erie (CFSGE). To remain in alignment, the following month the name and logo of the Brant FACS Foundation was changed to Child and Family Services of Grand Erie Foundation (CFSGE Foundation) and its mandate expanded to include the counties of Haldimand, Norfolk and MIssissuagas of the Credit First Nations.

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